Organising a school ski trip can be daunting for the first-time leader, but that’s no reason to suggest that such a trip should be complicated enough to dismiss it. Select School Travel, an educational tour provider, shares some top tips for when it comes to planning your first ski trip.

1. Book as early as possible to give parents time to budget and save. This will also help you secure your preferred resort and accommodation.

2. If unsure of what resort to go for, go to your ski operator with the criteria for your trips. They will use their experience to find a resort and accommodation to match your needs. A smaller resort may be more welcoming for the first-time skier, and allows them the potential to ski the whole mountain and keeps costs down, which means more children have the opportunity to go.

3. February half-term is the preferred week of travel, but it’s expensive and more crowded on the slopes. Teachers and organisers might prefer pre-Christmas or Easter as alternative times. 

4. When it comes to collecting the funds, giving parents a monthly payment plan that is clearly non-refundable can prevent parents of other pupils incurring extra costs due to unforeseen cancellations.

5. In terms of promoting your trip, don’t hang about. The longer you leave it to promote to students, the harder it becomes. If a group is just returning from a trip, marketing on the excitement of this can also help raise awareness.

6. Get names and dates of birth on the consent form when requesting deposits, particularly if flying, as this saves time later. Also, know your pupils’ ski abilities ahead of arrival to assist in ascertaining the number of ski instructors required.

7. Organise a dry slope trip prior to your ski trip so beginners can get to grips with what ski boots and skis feel like (then you don’t waste time at the ski shop).

8. It can be a good idea to stick with a resort that works well for you. Suppliers will value your loyalty and often add little extra touches as a token of their appreciation.

Need further advice?

The Snowsport Course Organiser course, run by Snowsport England, provides school group leaders with the necessary information on how to run a successful snow sports trip to the mountains. Ask your operator as they are sometimes included for free.

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