We know that we’re all living through strange and difficult times right now. At the moment schools and their staff face huge challenges; children are missing out on their education, and are unable to benefit and enjoy the school trips that were planned.

We continue to publish the magazine, add new content to the website, and send our newsletters to the best of our ability. Why? Because our job, in part, is to help teachers stay informed and inspired. We want our readers to continue to share learning opportunities with pupils and students - and you can see through our more recent content that, despite the current restrictions, there are some innovative ways attractions and providers are doing this.

Of course, we also want to help teachers think ahead to when school trips will be possible once more (which is made all the easier if you register with the website and save stories of interest to your own library).

We know how much you value the impact that school trips and educational travel can have. We must find ways to ensure children do not miss out on life changing experiences that will help shape the people they will become.

Jon Clarke, shadow headteacher of Walsall Academy, told us: “When we open our school doors again, it will be very different, education will have changed and we must make sure that learning outside the classroom has a prominent position in this brave new world.”

We appreciate the feedback we have received too, it is truly valued. We’re here to help you stay connected, and to hopefully enjoy thinking about future plans, while supporting the messages of our sector.

Thank you.

Rob Yandell
Publisher, School Travel Organiser