York’s 30th Jorvik Viking Festival celebrated in February

Date Posted: 25/10/2013

The 30th annual Jorvik Viking Festival will take place in York next year from 15th to 23rd February; taking its theme from the oldest of Viking myths and legends with nine-days of events and activities.

School trip organisers arranging a visit to York to coincide with the popular festival can see Vikings wandering the city streets including a parade from York Minster to Coppergate, learn about Viking combat, hear the retelling of ancient sagas, and join in a night-time finale at the Eye of York.

Festival highlights are set to include:

Beowulf by Candlelight - 20th February:A retelling of the classic Norse saga performed by Peter Carrington-Porter, hosted in the atmospheric settings of St Helen’s Church by candlelight.

Viking Banquet at York Minster - 21st February:Taking place within the North Transept of the gothic cathedral groups are promised an unforgettable evening of live music and entertainment, hosted by fearsome Viking warriors.

The Strongest Viking Competition - 22nd February:The leaders of the Vikings shared two characteristics - strength and determination. This competition will put modern pretenders to the test, with competitors invited from around the world.

Throughout the festival week, school groups can also join in a host of themed activities, ranging from sword fighting workshops to lectures and tours based on the rich Viking heritage of the city of York.

For more school trip information and festival updates visit www.jorvik-viking-festival.co.uk

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