World War One warship opens for the first time

Date Posted: 27/12/2014

In August the never-been-seen-before HMS M.33 will open to the public.

Anchored next to the HMS Victory in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard, the M.33 is a coastal bombardment monitor vessel, which was used during the Gallipoli campaign to fire a land targets.

The ship weighs 568 tonnes and once carried two oversized guns. For three years it was home to 72 officers and men who fought in the world war battles in what is now Turkey.

The HMS M.33 is opening as part of the National Museum of the Royal Navy’s wider Great War at Sea 1914 – 1918 programme.

This campaign also gives schools the opportunity to buy a special ‘three ship ticket’, which entitles entry to HMS Victory and HMS Alliance in addition to the HMS M.33.

The HMS Victory is famous for being the ship in which Admiral Lord Nelson claimed victory at the Battle of Trafalgar.

HMS Alliance, meanwhile, is the only remaining World War Two era submarine, and was most active between the 1940s and 1970s.

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