World War One school assemblies from The Beacon

Date Posted: 30/01/2014

The Beacon Museum in Whitehaven is offering free school assemblies to teachers in the local area of Copeland, in order to support school groups studying the history of World War One.

“Like many museums across the country, we will be supporting local schools to deliver the subject and to discuss modern day attitudes and perceptions of the Great War”, said learning officer, Alan Gillon.

“The popular view today of World War One is of needless slaughter, but in 1918 the majority opinion in Britain is that it had been a just war. Working with local schools and groups we will look at what was happening in our own area whilst the war was being fought and look at how the war was viewed a century ago”.

Alan has been preparing for the assemblies for several months, ordering specialist supplies to make the experience as authentic as possible. He will give an introduction to the subject when he greets the children in full World War One costume, complete with replica weapons used by the soldiers of the time.

World War One exhibition in 2015

The Beacon will also play host to a commemorative exhibition next year, marking 100 years from when Whitehaven’s Private Abraham Acton was tragically killed in action.

Acton was posthumously honoured with The Victoria Cross for his bravery and his medal and his heroic story are part of the Copeland Museum Collection.

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