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What’s coming up at the Ikon Gallery

Date Posted: 19/04/2013

Ikon is a contemporary art gallery situated in central Birmingham. Its exhibition programme this year features artists from around the world, with work including painting, sculpture, installation, photography, mixed media, film and sound.

Free gallery tours are available for school groups, providing specialist insight and opportunities for discussion. Alternatively, a school visit can include a practical workshop that enables pupils to explore the themes within an exhibition more fully.

Upcoming exhibitions

1st May – 14th July: Tapa: Barkcloth Paintings from the Pacific

What is it? Traditional cloths decorated with abstract patterns.
Key themes: Textiles, history, geography, cultural identity.

1st May – 14th July: François Morellet

What is it? Abstract paintings influenced by Pacific barkcloth.
Key themes: Numeracy, sculpture, painting, abstraction.

24th July – 15th September: Shimabuku

What is it? Installation from Japanese artist looking at human culture within the natural world.
Key themes: Natural world, installation, cultural identity.

25th September – 10th November: Hurvin Anderson

What is it? Paintings by Birmingham-born artist that draw on British-Jamaican heritage.
Key themes: Cultural identity, geography, social history, local connections, storytelling.

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