Weston Park explores the science of colour

Date Posted: 03/04/2013

Colour Coded, an exhibition focussing on the history, science and symbolism behind the colour spectrum, is set to run at Weston Park in Sheffield from 22nd June until 26th January.

Curated by Museums Sheffield and drawn from the city’s social history, natural history, decorative art and visual art collections, the exhibition will chronicle the technological advances in reproducing colour, and celebrate the wealth of personal and cultural significance that colour holds.

More about Colour Coded

Today we can synthetically match almost any shade imaginable, but our use of colour was once reliant on expensive natural sources for dyes and pigments.

Thanks to scientific breakthroughs such as the ‘Perkin’s Mauve’ purple dye, which set the Victorian fashion world ablaze, as well as 20th century innovations in plastics, vivid colour has become very inexpensive to produce.

Colour Coded will examine how ‘colourful’ became commonplace, showcasing a range of household objects including fashion, textiles, toys and homeware.

Colour Coded will also showcase several works by artists for whom the use of colour is central to their practice.

Colour Coded launch day

The exhibition will be launched on 22nd June, with colour-themed creative activities for school groups of all ages.

Entry to the exhibition is free.

For further school trip information visit www.museums-sheffield.org.uk.

Pictured: Patrick Caulfield, All these confessions Some Poems of Jules Laforgue 1973.

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