Warwick Castle Educational Line-up 2015

Date Posted: 24/12/2014

The Medieval castle has a different workshop for every month of the year in 2015.

As you might expect from an 11th century castle, History is the focus of many of the educational workshops on offer.

But there are also Science, Drama, Geography, Design and Technology, and Art sessions available on the programme, which caters for all ages from Key Stage 1 to 5.

Highlights of the line-up include the Meet the Monarchy session for Key Stage 1, which shows pupils how different monarchs have shaped Britain from the Normans through to living memory.

Then there is the Power of the Monarchy session, aimed at Key Stage 2, which introduces pupils to the changing powers of monarchs using case studies.

Battles of Generations is another stand-out session. Designed for Key Stage 3 and 4 these workshops cover a diverse range of topics from the development of the Church and Black Death to the concepts of empire, parliament and civilisation.

For the full programme of education sessions at Warwick visit www.warwick-castle.com.


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