WWI exhibition links chocolate and the war effort

Date Posted: 01/07/2014

WWI: A Taste of Home, teaching pupils how chocolate helped keep spirits high during World War One, is now running at York’s Chocolate Story.

Showcasing previously unseen artefacts and letters, the exhibition will run throughout the remainder of 2014.

Children can find out how the city’s famous Quaker chocolate companies offered their support to the war effort and how chocolate manufacturing changed after 1918.

Chocolate at War workshop links with exhibition

From drinking cocoa to the birth of the modern chocolate bar, pupils can explore a larder of wartime products and taste the attractions’ homage to ration era chocolate.

The workshop leader will also invite pupils to explore a replica set of the famous ‘Chocolate Letters’ penned by York servicemen in 1914 in response to receiving a special Rowntree’s tin of chocolate.

For more information visit www.yorkschocolatestory.com.

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