Viking workshops tailored to the Curriculum

Date Posted: 11/12/2014

The National Maritime Museum Cornwall is launching a new Viking exhibition and a series of educational workshops will run alongside.

Opening on 20th March, the exhibition is called Viking Voyagers and has been designed to show that the Vikings were more than just blood thirsty raiders.

The display will demonstrate that this civilisation were also entrepreneurs, craftspeople and family men and women.

The workshops that run alongside the exhibition are entitled Vikings: Sailors Raiders & Traders and are tailored towards Key Stage 2 and the History Curriculum.

The sessions last one hour 15 minutes and, during them, pupils will learn why the Vikings took to the seas, where they went, what they did when they got there and what it was like to dress as a Viking.

These workshops are supported by a Viking Voyagers learning resource, which features teacher’s notes, classroom follow up activities and background information.

To find out more visit the education area of the NMMC’s website.

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