Viking ship wreck to be exhibited in Denmark

Date Posted: 16/02/2013

What is described as the longest Viking longship in the world is due to be displayed as part of the National Museum in Copenhagen’s major exhibition, VIKING, between 22nd June and 17th November.

The display centres around the wreck of a 37-metre-long warship found in Roskilde. The ship, which will be exhibited for the very first time, was a warship that could carry 100 Viking warriors and was probably part of a royal fleet.

VIKING is the National Museum’s largest special exhibition on Vikings for 20 years. It will touch upon themes such as war and expansion, power and aristocracy, rituals and beliefs as well as cultural contacts and trade.

The exhibition will include a number of new finds, which have never been exhibited before as well as objects that have never before been included in a cross-cultural exhibition. It will include a large new hoard of gold and silver from Yorkshire in England and hoards found in Russia and Norway.

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