Unicorn premieres At the End of Everything Else

Date Posted: 04/03/2014

At the End of Everything Else, a new production for young audiences from Mark Arends, will run at the Unicorn Theatre in London from 29th March to 19th April.

The show, which is suitable for school groups of pupils aged eight and above, features puppetry, stop motion animation and music.

At the End of Everything Else introduces the weighty issue of global warming to young audiences on a school trip, through a combination of delicate storytelling and beautiful imagery.

The central character, Icka, travels over land and sea to rescue her friend, until she finds him tangled in the Great Pacific garbage patch along with hundreds of other sea birds.

At the End of Everything Else: a synopsis

When her best friend, a little yellow bird named Tito, goes missing, Icka puts her inventive mind to the test and sets off on a mission over land and sea to save him. But nothing can prepare her for what she finds – a problem she is unable to fix alone.

For further school trip information visit www.unicorntheatre.com.

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