The story of Earth revealed in new gallery

Date Posted: 01/02/2014

A brand new gallery, aiming to tell the story of planet Earth is set to open at the popular Edinburgh attraction, Our Dynamic Earth, on 1st April.

Our Dynamic Earth’s new Scotland’s Time Lords gallery will use creative technology and interactive exhibits to entertain and educate school groups about Scottish scientist James Hutton and his discoveries.

Visitors will see Hutton himself brought to life and engaging in conversation with his followers – Charles Lyell, Arthur Holmes, Ben Peach and John Horne – all men of science whose thinking has resonated over centuries.

Scottish-born James Hutton is widely regarded as the father of modern geology, and his work in defining the age of the Earth influenced Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and generations of scientists since.

Scotland's Time Lords will celebrate the legacy of one of Scotland's most influential scientists, and showcase his important achievements in the city of his birth. 

School trips to Our Dynamic Earth

Our Dynamic Earth offers a range of workshops and tours for school trip organisers. In addition, teachers can arrange a film experience in the attractions’ 360 degree Dome.

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