The Tank Museum delves into horse power

Date Posted: 06/02/2014

On 3rd April the Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset is opening a new display, Warhorse to Horsepower. The display will examine the role of horses before, during and after World War One.

The key emphasis will be on the British Army’s transition from horsed cavalry to armoured vehicles and the reasons behind this major shift in land warfare.

The museum has been fortunate to obtain the replica tank featured in Steven Spielberg’s Hollywood blockbuster Warhorse.

The tank will be placed centre stage alongside a number of set-piece scenes including a front-line stable, trench dug-out, pre-war street scene and nine sculptural horses placed throughout.

Feeding, care, roles performed, conditions and the horses’ relationship with soldiers will all be touched on.

Four iconic vehicles from the Museum’s collection - the Hornsby tractor, Peerless Armoured Car, the huge 5-turreted Independent and Light Mark IIA will also feature.

Educators can book workshops and handling sessions at the Tank Museum, covering the period from the invention of the tank in 1916 up to the present day.

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