Teach kids about the world around them

Date Posted: 15/12/2014

The Field Studies Council has launched a set of GCSE Geography courses in line with the new National Curriculum.

The organisation believes that the more pupils know about the world around them, the more they can appreciate its needs and protect its diversity and beauty for future generations.

By the time you start to teach the new Geography GCSEs, the FSC will have a full range of specification specific fieldwork courses to help you deliver the new content to your students.

Courses can be taken at one of the FSC’s nationwide centres.

The new fieldwork courses aim to help students:

•    Deepen knowledge and understanding of place and locality in a regional and national context.
•    Investigate contrasting locations.
•    Explore and experience the interaction between physical and human environments through first hand geographical case studies.
•    Develop an understanding of a wide range of techniques and methods used in fieldwork.
•    Work on graphical skills, cartographical skills, OSmaps, GIS.  
•    Develop numerical skills.
•    Foster statistical skills.
•    Select, adapt and apply geographical skills through independent enquiry, planning investigations and decision making exercises around contemporary issues.
•    Work collaboratively to promote positive self-esteem, confidence and independence.
•    Reflect, evaluate and critically think about the knowledge and understanding gained from their fieldwork experiences in relation to a wider geographical context.
•    Think, speak, act, write and live like a geographer.

When the new courses are finalised they will help your students fulfil their potential in the fieldwork paper (15 per cent of total marks) as well as contributing to all the other assessment objectives.

For more information visit www.field-studies-council.org.

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