Discover Mondrian at Tate Liverpool

Date Posted: 07/04/2014

Commemorating the 70th anniversary of Mondrian’s death, Mondrian and his Studios will run at Tate Liverpool from 6th June to 5th October.

The new exhibition promises to provide new insight into the artist’s practice and his relationship with architecture.

It will consider this connection between Mondrian’s artworks and the space around them, with particular attention drawn to work made after his move to Paris in 1911.

What to expect from a school visit to Mondrian and his Studios

A major exhibition highlight at the exhibition will be a life-size reconstruction of the artists’ Paris studio.

Paintings and drawings from Mondrian’s 1914 series Pier and Ocean will be presented alongside other works’ showcasing the artist’s distinctive and recognisable abstract style.

Tickets to Mondrian and his Studios will include entry to Nasreen Mohamedi giving groups the chance see the work of Indian abstract artist Nasreen Mohamedi.

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