Stage version of The Jungle Book at West Yorkshire Playhouse

Date Posted: 31/10/2013

This Christmas, West Yorkshire Playhouse presents a new adaption of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, which will open from 30th November until 18th January.

The show is directed by Liam Steel (whose recent work includes the musical staging and choreography for Oscar-winning film Les Mis?rables), and has been adapted for stage by Rosanna Lowe.

A school trip to see The Jungle Book can see a combination of acrobatic movement, puppetry and live contemporary Asian music and song.

Cast members include Jacob James Beswick as Mowgli, Andrew French as Shere Khan and Daniel Copeland and Ann Ogbomo playing Baloo and Bagheera.


Lost in the jungle as a baby, Mowgli is adopted by wolf Raksha and raised as her own.

Taken under the protection of panther Baghera and heavyweight bear Baloo, the man-cub is taught the laws of the jungle, learning to evade the breath-taking squeeze of boa-constrictor Kaa and the lure of the money-loving dancing monkeys.

As years pass, the jungle grows uneasy with his presence and when Mowgli encounters his own kind.

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