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Sopwith Camel flies again

Date Posted: 08/10/2014

As part of its new First World War in the Air exhibition, which officially opens in December, the RAF Museum in London has suspended an original Sopwith Camel from the ceiling of its Grahame-White Factory area.

The aircraft will be a key exhibit within the display, which aims to teach students about the role of air power during World War One through the stories of the men and women who took part. 

New exhibitions and supporting activities will be delivered within the museum’s two public sites and online as part of the exhibition.

The four-year project marks the centenary of World War One, exploring the development of air power as an integral part of modern warfare and ending with the celebration of the birth of the RAF in 2018.

More information and a podcast on the Sopwith Camel is available for students to download from the RAF Museum’s website

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