Six new Lego workshops for the autumn term

Date Posted: 08/09/2014

The Legoland Windsor Resort has revealed details of its six new curriculum-based workshops.

The new workshops include:

•    Build & Play Storytime - KS1
•    Castle & Kingdom - KS1
•    Gears, Pulleys & Construction - KS1 and 2
•    Understanding Underwater Conservation - KS1, 2 and 3
•    Simple Machines & Renewable Energy - KS2 and 3
•    Lego stop motion movie making - KS2 and 3

In Castle & Kingdom for KS1 pupils are introduced to the concept of structure and stability using examples of castles found at Legoland.

Pupils must understand the concept of strong structures and castle defence before building their very own model castles.

In Simple Machines & Renewable Energy for KS2 and 3, students will explore and engage with the concept of energy in this topical workshop.

The session combines Science and Design Technology to teach children to appreciate the limited world of fossil fuels and the benefits of renewable energy.

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