Shakespeare and History at Knebworth

Date Posted: 20/01/2015

Knebworth House in Hertfordshire has reinvented its Tudor Treasure Trail for Shakespeare Week.

Shakespeare Week, between 16th and 22nd March, is a national annual celebration giving primary school children a great first encounter with Shakespeare.

Now, to celebrate the work of the great bard and to introduce thousands of new school children to his works, this stately Tudor home will introduce a new Shakespeare-themed educational programme, in honour of the celebrations.

Reinventing one of their most popular educational programmes, the ‘Tudor Treasure Trail’, Knebworth has specially adapted the challenge to suit its young visitors for the Shakespeare Week celebrations. 

With a selection of activities designed to replicate Shakespeare’s own lifestyle and schooldays, children can explore what it meant to be a student in Tudor England. 

The celebrations will last from 18th to the 20th March, and are suitable for pupils from Key Stage 1 through to six.

For more information and to check availability for Shakespeare Week contact the Group Bookings Team at Knebworth House on 01438-810931 or email groupbookings

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