Revamp for National Railway Museum

Date Posted: 06/04/2013

The National Railway Museum in York has recently revealed its new look Station Hall.

The former Goods Depot first opened to the public in 1990 as part of the Great Railways Show and was originally intended to be a temporary exhibition.

More than 20 years later it has been transformed into an immersive and nostalgic space in which teachers can take students to explore 24 hours in the life of a large station.

Real life stories from real life people

The refreshed Station Hall tells the real life stories of railway workers and travellers across the country.

To help tell the tale of the station in railway history, the museum appealed for members of the public to share their special station stories. Visitors shared their nostalgic anecdotes about stations and journeys in a variety of ways, online, in person at the museum and at special story-gathering events.

These personal accounts have been used to select the exhibits in Station Hall, interpret the chosen vehicles and provide unique voices and perspectives on life in a large station.

Get onboard

The new hall will give school groups the opportunity to enter more railway vehicles than ever before to experience the nostalgia of the railways first hand.

The National Railway Museum in York boasts the largest collection of railway objects in the world and attracts over 700,000 visitors per year. Admission to the museum is free of charge.

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