Rambles suitable for school groups at Sacrewell Farm

Date Posted: 22/02/2014

Sacrewell Farm in Cambridgeshire, in association with Riverford Organic and Natural England, has launched two new ramble routes around the 550-acre site.

Starting from the Farm Centre, the two-mile and one-mile walks take pupils around the farmland which is leased by the William Scott Abbott Trust to Riverford Organic to grow its vegetables.

Students will be able to view a number of the fields farmed on the site, as well as taking in the Riverford offices and the abundance of wildlife around the farm.

Marketing and communications officer Megan Horner, says the rambles will open up parts of the farm never seen by visitors before.

“The history of the farm is fascinating and the ever-changing landscape will keep children coming back season after season to see what has changed. What may be a field of cabbages one year could easily be filled with sheep the following.”

Free ramble maps can be picked up from Reception at Sacrewell Farm and will guide school groups around the two routes.

For further school trip information about activities at Sacrewell visit www.sacrewell.org.uk.

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