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RAF exhibition at IWM Duxford

Date Posted: 19/03/2013

On permanent display from 28th March, Historic Duxford is a brand new exhibition and historic site trail which explores Duxford’s time as an RAF airfield from 1918 to 1961.

The exhibition has been under development for almost two decades, with the creation and delivery taking three years to complete.

Steve Woolford, Head of Interpretation and Collections, said: “IWM Duxford is famously known for its air shows and large-scale exhibitions, such as AirSpace. For the first time, we are giving visitors an insight into the heart of this historic site, telling RAF Duxford’s own story.”

Teachers taking school groups to the exhibit can discover the personal stories from men and women who lived, worked and fought for their country at RAF Duxford, with a variety of interactive exhibits.

The history behind Duxford

RAF Duxford was created during the latter stages of World War One to train pilots for war.

RAF Duxford’s World War Two history is perhaps the best known, with the dogfights of the Battle of Britain, and, later, the arrival of the American forces.

Finally, the exhibition looks at the Cold War era, when many men did their National Service at RAF Duxford, and the station’s eventual closure in 1961.

A heritage trail

Complementing the Historic Duxford exhibition is a heritage trail around the site with eight interactive posts. Each post features audio memories from veterans who worked at RAF Duxford, and an activity sheet can be picked up from the exhibition for pupils to complete alongside the trail.

Entry to IWM Duxford is free for school children aged 15 or under.

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