Pupils can get kneading in Beamish’s new bakery

Date Posted: 14/09/2013

The newest exhibit in the Edwardian Town at Beamish Museum in County Durham, Joseph Herron, Baker & Confectioner was opened for business recently by Stacie Stewart, a baker and television personality from Sunderland.

Pupils on a school visit to the living history museum will now have the opportunity to get their hands ‘floury’ at the bakers  – they can have a go at kneading dough, shaping a loaf or even icing an Empire biscuit.

School groups will be able to try and buy a variety of Edwardian treats in Herron’s Bakery.  From loaves, biscuits, jam and coconut sponge cake and gingerbread, to meat pies.

All of the recipes used in Herron’s have been carefully researched in contemporary commercial baking manuals from the Beamish archives and contain no modern preservatives or additives.

Trial and error has played a huge part, as it proved difficult to translate some of the Victorian and Edwardian weights, measures and ingredients into 21st century recipes.

The Bakery building came from Annfield Plain, just a few miles from Beamish. It was part of a parade which included the Co-op shops which were rebuilt at Beamish in the 1980s.

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