Pupils can become Arctic explorers in Hull

Date Posted: 13/12/2014

The latest exhibition at Hull Maritime Museum lets pupils view the Arctic through the eyes of explorers.

79 Degrees North is a photographic exhibition that showcases a collection of photographs taken by Wildlife Photographer of the Year finalist, Josh Harrison.

The images reveal what nature is like in the remote Svalbard Archipelago, including what the landscapes are like and which animals live in the freezing region.

The photographs also provide an insight into the daily lives of people who live in the region – including local hunters.

The exhibition will also be complemented by a display of the equipment used by early Arctic explorers and a few other artefacts, including the skull of a full grown walrus.

Tom Goulder, assistant curator of the exhibition, said: “Our region has strong links with the Arctic. Explorers, whalers and fishermen all sailed from Hull to the challenging waters around Spitsbergen.

"We hope that Josh's images combined with the maritime museum’s objects will allow visitors to conjure up the atmosphere of this far away land”.

The exhibition runs until Sunday 1 March 2015 and schools can take part in self-led visits for free.

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