Direct a school production of The Lion King

Date Posted: 07/11/2014

From January, schools across the United Kingdom and Ireland will be able to perform their own productions of Disney’s musical The Lion King, when special versions of the show are released for licensing.

These two versions, The Lion King KIDS and The Lion King JR aim to give pupils the opportunity to bring Disney’s beloved story and characters to life.

The titles are being released for schools to perform on school property. Amateur rights have not been released.

The Lion King KIDS is targeted at primary schools, allowing them to produce their own 30-minute adaptation of the original Broadway production of the musical.

The Lion King JR is a 70-minute adaptation targeted at secondary schools. With both versions, schools will receive a collection of materials to aid teachers and students in learning about stagecraft and performance.

In addition, schools will also receive The Lion King Experience; a cross-curricular resource for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3, supporting Art, Citizenship, Design and Technology, English, Music and PE.

Schools can now register their interest at

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