Playing Train exhibition at the National Railway Museum

Date Posted: 03/04/2015

The National Railway Museum in York has opened a new exhibition in its gallery space called Playing Train.

Pupils can enjoy playing trains in the purpose-built display, sell their own tickets to an imaginary location, don railway fancy dress, build railway track and crawl through tunnels. They can also draw the train of their imagination using a unique interactive on the gallery floor.

The exhibition will be beneficial for History lessons as it gives students the chance to learn more about the past of the railway. The National Railway Museum’s collection includes over 300 locomotives and rolling stock, 628 coins and medals, 4899 pieces of railway uniform and costume, railway equipment, documents, records, artwork and railway related photographs.

The museum also houses a collection of Royal trains, which includes a collection of Royal carriages, from those used by Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II.

Playing Train runs from 20th March to 4th September. Admission to the National Railway Museum is free.

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