Peter Blake exhibition marks centenary of Dylan Thomas’ birth

Date Posted: 22/08/2013

National Museum Cardiff will reveal new, unseen work by artist Sir Peter Blake with the exhibition Llareggub: Peter Blake, which will be on show from November to mark the centenary of the birth of poet and writer Dylan Thomas.

Llareggub: Peter Blake illustrates Dylan Thomas’ radio play Under Milk Wood (1953), and will be on display at the museum from 23rd November to 16th March 2014.

An introduction to Dylan Thomas 100

The exhibition opens prior to a year-long festival opening in 2014; Dylan Thomas 100 will feature over 200 watercolours, collages and drawings by Sir Peter Blake, of the many and varied characters that inhabit sleepy Llareggub - Dylan’s fictional town in Under Milk Wood.

Peter Blake’s particular exhibition will feature portraits drawn in black and white, pencil on tinted paper, watercolours illustrating the dream sequences in the play, and ‘narratives and locations’ in a mix of media including collage and photographs that Blake took himself in Laugharne in the 1970s.

School group visits

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Pictured: A scene from Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood. Photo credit: Sir Peter Blake.

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