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Penguins at The Deep in new permanent exhibit

Date Posted: 29/01/2014

The Deep in Hull is preparing for the arrival of ten Gentoo penguins who are set to take up residence in an exhibit called The Penguins of Grytviken. This new element to the attraction is located in the Kingdom of Ice and will open on 3rd March.

The exhibit will give school groups in-depth views of the penguins across three floors, both underwater and on land.

The enclosure features a swimming pool, diving pool, beach area, nesting area and the penguins very own outdoor balcony with views overlooking the river Humber.

Children on a school trip to see the penguins can learn all about the threats to their habitat, issues surrounding climate change and ocean acidification as well as exploring food chains and animal biology.

About The Penguins of Grytviken

The exhibit is themed around Grytviken, an abandoned whaling port in South Georgia, which was taken over by Gentoo penguins in the late 1960s following the demise of the whaling industry, when this and many other sites were left to decay.

The Deep’s penguin exhibit will help to fund raise and support field conservation projects all across the world through ‘Project Penguin’.

School visits to The Deep

Teachers planning on booking a school trip to The Deep can download various resources, including activity trails, from the attractions’ website.

For further school trip information visit

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