Old Masters displayed in a new way at the Wallace Collection

Date Posted: 09/08/2014

One of the UK’s greatest Old Master picture galleries, based in central London, will re-open to the public on 19th September.

The Wallace Collection’s Great Gallery has undergone a major restoration programme for almost two years.

Re-opening next month, the refurbished gallery will be lit by natural daylight. In addition, new rich red wall silk will be hung on the walls, the decorations and floor will be refurbished and a sophisticated new lighting scheme will improve the view of the works of art.

The re-display includes exhibiting many of the collections’ works of art - which include old masters by Velazquez and Titian - in themed rooms and galleries.

The new themes for each room will be as follows:

•    Large Drawing Room – 17th century Dutch Masters
•    West Room – 18th century Royal Academicians
•    Dining Room, Billiard Room and Back State Room - European Baroque
•    Smoking Room and 16th Century Gallery - Medieval and Renaissance Works of Art

Catering for pupils aged four to 18, the gallery's free interactive sessions aim to bring the objects alive to  children through looking, discussion, drawing or object handling.

All sessions have a practical element and take place in the galleries and sometimes in the studio.

For more information visit www.wallacecollection.org.

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