Nocturnal Creatures at the Natural History Museum Tring

Date Posted: 30/08/2013

Running from 31st August until the 17th November, free exhibition Nocturnal Creatures at the Natural History Museum Tring in Hertfordshire, will introduce students to animals that survive and thrive in the dark.

Pupils on a school trip will enter the museum’s low-lit gallery to uncover the super senses that help nocturnal animals thrive in a world with little light. Children can marvel at specimens from foxes to frogs, and live creatures like wriggling worms.

Make your own

School groups can also have a go at making a nocturnal creature using origami, and can display their creations in the exhibition space, as part of a school visit.

Survival techniques covered in Nocturnal Creatures include:

Echolocation– where bats send out a series of high-pitched squeaks and use their sensitive ears to hear when the echoes bounce back.

Heat detection- pit vipers use small holes or pits between their eyes and nostrils to sense the body heat of small mammals around them.

Illumination- fireflies can makes their backsides light up and even send out flashes to attract mates.

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