New school year, new programme at NHM

Date Posted: 04/10/2014

The Natural History Museum in London has released details of its new schools’ programme incorporating the September 2014 curriculum changes.

Highlights include:

Become a dinosaur scientist - Key Stage 2

Students can take on the role of a palaeontologist and develop their scientific skills by investigating the galleries as Dino-Scientists or taking part in a fossil dig in a Dino Scene Investigation workshop.

Variety Show - Key Stage 2 and 3

Engage your students with biodiversity, adaptation and evolution in this Science show.

Along with extraordinary animal specimens and lots of audience participation, the show features an awe-inspiring life-size model of a giant squid.

Human Evolution Workshop – Key Stage 4

This hands-on workshop explores the evolutionary relationships between present day Homo sapiens and ancient humans, applying analytical techniques used by museum scientists.

Students will observe and measure museum-quality replicas of fossil skulls. Their challenge will be to work together and use their evidence to work out how different species of humans are related.

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