New musical to debut at the Arts Theatre

Date Posted: 15/04/2013

The Golden Voice, a new British musical by singer-songwriter Nick Fogarty, will run at the Arts Theatre in London for a limited season, from 19th June until 31st August.

Nick Fogarty signed his first record deal with his band Academy to RCA London, when he was aged 21.  Nick retired as an artist in 1991 and began writing and producing for some of the biggest selling German artists including David Hasselhoff.

The Golden Voice – a synopsis

Fame hungry singer Mike Chariot, betrays his best friend and abandons his childhood sweetheart to win the nation’s favourite talent show The Golden Voice, but he quickly realises he is merely a puppet for the record company and television executives.

Too famous to return to his old life, he decides to disappear.

Almost 20 years on, a wiser Mike Chariot is back to make amends and help young singers and musicians achieve their dreams. However his noble quest will bring him back in contact with his embittered former best friend Jim Ryan, who wants his revenge.

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