New crab exhibition at the Sea Life London Aquarium

Date Posted: 24/01/2014

Sea Life London Aquarium will unveil its new Claws exhibition on 15th February, showcasing a varied collection of crab species, ranging from the 12-foot-long Japanese Spider crab to the blue lobster.

Students will be able to inspect the new crustacean collection at close quarters in a themed area which also includes interactive features and quirky displays.

A giant mechanical claw will reveal the inner workings of a crab’s claw, with school groups able to feel the hardness of their shells and the sharpness of the serrations on their claws.

A crawl-through tunnel display will also allow you to get right underneath some of these alien-like animals to examine them from every angle.

School trip booking information

School trip organisers arranging a visit to Sea Life London Aquarium for parties of 16 plus are entitled to special rates.

A minimum group size of ten is required for a pre-booked tour.

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