New additions allow for new learning at ZSL Zoos

Date Posted: 10/02/2015

With a number of new attractions opening this year, Whipsnade and London Zoo can offer even more learning opportunities to students.

Zoos provide a key staple for any school trip, allowing close and personal studies of animals that most children would otherwise never have the chance to see.

This year ZSL London Zoo will encourage student learning with its new attraction, In with the Lemurs. Opening in spring, the interactive exhibit will allow children to fully engage with Madagascan ring-tailed lemurs.

The barrier-free enclosure will introduce school groups to the sights and sounds of lemur life, allowing them to discover more about these unique creatures, while also learning about the increasing hardships these animals face in the wild.

London Zoo also provides an award-winning Discovery and Learning team that works with children to encourage them to explore the subjects of evolution, biodiversity and climate change and conservation.

Popular learning sessions include ‘Endangered Animals’, ‘Zoos and Conservation’ and ‘World Habitats’, along with a range of daily talks and downloadable self-guided resources.

New at Whipsnade Zoo

Housing a diverse range of animals, from Asian elephants to greater one-horned rhinos and common hippos, ZSL Whipsnade Zoo invites students to discover some of the world’s largest creatures.

But what about some of the smallest?

The new butterfly house exhibit will allow students to immerse themselves in a tropical environment, while observing and identifying hundreds of colourful butterflies.

Opening in spring, the new exhibit will include a metamorphosis zone, where students can witness evolution take place before their very eyes.

The zoo will also be opening a new visitors’ centre to improve its offering to school groups, further enhancing the daily talks, events and downloadable self-guided resources with which it currently supports schools and children.

Other popular habitats for pupils to explore include Cheetah Rock, Lions of the Serengeti and the Chimpnasium.

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