New WWI learning session at IWM London

Date Posted: 03/02/2015

If you haven’t already taken your class to the Imperial War Museum in London’s First World War Galleries, then why not try its new learning session for Key Stage 2?

What's My Story will help students develop a deeper understanding of the war, through investigating the History of some of the objects in the galleries.

Students will be given a short introduction to the layout and content of the First World War Galleries.

They will then investigate some of the stories behind the objects displayed in the galleries and create their own caption for an object.

Activities will include:

•    Introduction to the First World War Galleries and themes used to link the objects, e.g. Trench Life.
•    Working in the galleries to investigate objects linked to their theme.
•    Watching short film clips produced by IWM staff and IWM Young Reporters about their objects.
•    Creating their own exhibition and making a caption for one of their objects.

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