New King Richard III exhibition opens

Date Posted: 27/03/2015

A new exhibition, King Richard III: Life, Death and DNA, has opened at the Science Museum following his reinterment.

The show, which features analysis of Richard III’s genome, a 3D printed skeleton and a prototype coffin is open until 25th June.

It will offer pupils the chance to see the ways in which Science and History link as it explores how forensic investigators used CT scans to prove a sword, dagger and halberd caused the king's fatal injuries.

A halberd, which inflicted several of Richard III’s wounds, has been reproduced and will be on display. Children can also watch recordings of the investigation and see the detailed forensic report.

Students will also learn how the remains found under a car park in Leicester were proven to be those of King Richard III and how DNA samples of his 17th great-grandnephew helped in the investigation.

A copy of the portrait which best resembles the King – shown to have blues eyes and fair hair after having his full genome sequenced – will be on display, as will a full size 3D printed skeleton, which was a valuable tool for research into his death.

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