More detail revealed about First World War Galleries

Date Posted: 29/04/2014

IWM London has revealed details of what a school group can expect to see at the museum, once it reopens its doors on 19th July.

Over 1,300 objects including weapons, uniforms, diaries, letters and souvenirs, will be on display in the 14 sections of the First World War galleries alongside photographs, art and film – many of which have never been on display before. 

Highlights of IWM London transformation

In ‘Shock’, students will be immersed in the sights and sounds of conflict, when they hear the scream of shrapnel and shells from French 75mm field guns.

Objects from the Christmas truce will be on display for the first time, and a series of trench signs, such as those ‘to Hells Corner’ and ‘Piccadilly Circus’ will show the complexity of the trench networks, alongside objects telling the stories of innovations in trench warfare.

The Supply Line, an interactive table in ‘Feeding the Front’, will allow pupils on a school visit to help ‘make’ shells, food and boots to be sent to the Front, through large, digital animations.

A recreated trench, complete with periscopes and a dug-out, along with a soundscape and projection will evoke what daily life was like for the troops just behind the front line on the Western Front, giving a multi-sensory experience of everything from thunderstorms through to gas attacks or maybe just a brew of tea being made.

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