Ministry of Science Live explodes onto a stage near you

Date Posted: 28/03/2015

Ministry of Science Live is not your ordinary Science show – it comes with a bang and a whoosh.

From the creative team behind Brainiac Live and a whole load of other explosive Science shows, the new production takes an anarchic approach to teaching Science, whilst looking at the inventors and engineers who have shaped and inspired the modern world that we live in. 

The show includes demonstrations from liquid nitrogen frozen flowers to hydrogen bottle rockets. There’s even a hovercraft built into the stage and a human cannon.

Ministry of Science Live opens in Southend on 10th May and calls at venues across the UK until it finishes its summer run on 21st June at The Lowry in Salford Quays.

Science Workshops available

Ministry of Science Live ‘Pocked Sized Science’ is a 60 minute experience inclusive of a 30 minute mini show and a 30 minute workshop with hands on experiences available for schools.

Looking at the different types of energy and the inventors and engineers who have shaped the modern world, the team will take all those that attend on a journey of science, engineering and invention.

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