Metal detectorists add to Salisbury exhibition

Date Posted: 02/12/2014

Detect this: some local metal detectorists have added some exquisite finds to Salisbury Museum’s new temporary exhibition.

Running in the Wessex Gallery of Archaeology from now until the end of February, a special case will display some exceptional objects discovered by a husband and wife team in the Salisbury area.

The state-of-the-art Wessex Gallery opened this summer following renovations costing £2.4 million, and tells the story of the area from prehistoric times to the Norman Conquest.

The metal-detectorists found the pieces over a period of almost 20 years in the Deverill Valley, and have been working closely with the Portable Antiquities Scheme for 11 years.

Star pieces include a superbly modelled cast Roman bust and an early Medieval hooked tag showing an eagle stretching its wings and talons.

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