Mary Rose Museum opens in May

Date Posted: 04/04/2013

Teachers will be able to take school groups to visit new ‘time capsule’ attraction the Mary Rose Museum, as part of a visit to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, from 31st May.

The famous Tudor warship and its new museum will form the centrepiece to the dockyard where it was built 500 years ago, alongside Nelson’s flagship HMS Victory and the modern Royal Navy.

A journey through the ship and Tudor life

The museum is described as a giant ‘air lock’ and time capsule. Visitors enter a controlled environment to experience a journey through the ship and Tudor life.

One of the most comprehensive collections of Tudor artefacts in the world will be showcased - from personal belongings such as wooden eating bowls, leather shoes, musical instruments and even nit combs complete with 500-year-old lice, through to longbows and two tonne guns.

Come face to face with 500 year old crew members

One of the highlights of the new museum is the forensic science-enabled recreation of crew members of the Mary Rose; pupils can come face-to-face with a carpenter, cook and archer and even ‘Hatch’ the ship’s dog.

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Photo credit: Portico Marketing


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