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Louvre Lens gallery now open

Date Posted: 05/01/2013

The Louvre Lens, sister gallery to the infamous Musee du Louvre in Paris, has now opened to visitors.

Lens is located in the north of France, near to Lille, and was chosen from among six candidate cities as the site for the new Louvre.

Its modern design was conceived as part of an international competition in 2006. The large steel and glass structure is integrated within a 20 hectare wasteland that was originally used as a coal mine before the 1960s.

Semi-permanent exhibit, The Gallery of Time, will run for five years, and will display masterpieces from The Louvre, organised into three major periods: antiquity, the Middle Ages and modern times.

Renaissance. Revolutions in the arts in Europe, 1400-1530 explores a time of intellectual and artistic change in Europe. More than 250 works (paintings, sculptures, prints, art) will be exhibited along a path that attempts to define the Renaissance.

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Photo credit: Julien Lanoo

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