Longitude exhibition at the National Maritime Museum

Date Posted: 20/03/2014

To mark the tercentenary of the Longitude Act of 1714, Ships, Clocks & Stars: The Quest for Longitude, a major new exhibition at the National Maritime Museum, tells the story of the race to determine longitude at sea.

The exhibition, which is set to run at the Greenwich venue from 11th July until 4th January, draws on some of the latest research to shed new light on the history of longitude - one of the great achievements of the Georgian age - and how it changed our understanding of the world.

In recent years, John Harrison has been cast as the hero of the story, but famous names such as Galileo, Isaac Newton, James Cook and William Bligh all feature in this complex history.

Highlights from Ships, Clocks & Stars

Highlights from the exhibition include all five of John Harrison’s famous timekeepers.

Also featured is the original Longitude Act of 1714, which has never been on public display before; an intricate 1747 model of the Centurion, the ship which carried out the first proper sea trial of Harrison’s H1, and the elegant, padded silk ‘observing suit’ worn by Nevil Maskelyne at the Royal Observatory during the 1760s.

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