Local History told through chocolate

Date Posted: 21/01/2015

York’s Chocolate Story launches a new exhibition on how chocolate has played a role in York’s development over time.

Brilliant Brands: York Chocolate Through the Ages opens on 4th May, and catalogues York’s links with confectionary from the 1800s to the modern day.

It explains how when other cities were built on steel, coal or wool, York’s industry was strongly linked to chocolate and the fortunes of entrepreneurial families like Rowntree’s, Terry’s and Cravens.

Pupils will discover fun facts such as which chocolate bar was once called Chocolate Crisp and which treat was formerly known as Chocolate Beans.

The exhibition will also showcase never seen before packaging and wrapper designs, which could be used to inspire art and design activities back in the classroom.

For more information e-mail groups@continuum-group.com or visit www.yorkchocolatestory.com.

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