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Life of Pi - explore Science at MOSI

Date Posted: 13/01/2015

Pupils can get hands-on at the Museum of Science and Industry’s purpose built Platform for Investigation (Pi).

The Manchester venue’s pop-up space Pi offers free, drop in creative workshops led by leading scientists, artists, technologists and researchers.

Each month they take to the platform to share their discoveries on a different theme - offering students a hands on and creative learning experience.

From stroke awareness to the wonders of light, the science behind cycling to the basics of particle physics – these informal workshops aim to bring science to life through participatory and playful live experiments.  

Workshops include:

Fuel for your Body, Fuel for your Car  
7th February
10.30am – 3.30pm

Can we really use water to run our cars? When is a tummy bug a good thing? 

There’s a double portion of Pi this month at MOSI. Manchester Metropolitan University take over the Platform for Investigation to show how water can be turned into electricity and how the bacteria in your stomach can help you stay healthy.

Solar Eclipse at Pi
21st March  
10.30am – 3.30pm

Don’t be in the dark about the solar eclipse. Let Manchester Astronomical Society reveal the secrets of the solar system at Pi: Platform for investigation.

To celebrate one of the most amazing events of the celestial calendar, MOSI has invited astronomers and star gazers to host a day of all things space. Budding Brian Coxes can discover more about the solar system and its place in the universe.

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