Last chance to see A4 locomotives together at NRM

Date Posted: 15/10/2013

School groups visiting the National Railway Museum ‘Locomotion’ Shildon in February will have a final opportunity to see the record-breaker Mallard united with its five surviving sister locomotives.

The Great Goodbye event, running from 15th to 23rd February, will be the last chance to see all six A4 locomotives together before the repatriated locomotives return to their home museums.

On 3rd July 1938, A4 class locomotive Mallard raced down Stoke Bank at 126mph to set a new steam train world speed record, which still stands today.

School trip organisers can pre-book visits for a minimum of 15 people, with the option of a half-day tour. As well as seeing the museum’s display of locomotives, pupils visiting on a scheduled steam day can enjoy a free steam train ride.

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