Kensington Palace to host a new fashion exhibition

Date Posted: 08/02/2013

Schools planning a trip to Kensington Palace this summer will be able to visit new exhibition, Fashion Rules from 4th July.

Fashion Rules will feature rare and exquisite dresses worn by HM Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret and Diana Princess of Wales.

The dress displays will explore how the royal figures and fashions were representative of the spirit of each decade, reflecting and inspiring everyday trends.

Starting with the young Queen Elizabeth in the 1950s, the display will look at her evolving style and the way she incorporated the character of the age and the countries she visited in the clothes she wore.

In the 60s and 70s Fashion Rules turns to Princess Margaret, the Queen’s younger sister, and explore how her style reflected the playful times of a modern era. For the 80s and 90s, the focus is on Diana, Princess of Wales.

Teachers taking students to visit Fashion Rules can also see the current Victoria Revealed exhibition at the palace and the King’s and Queen’s State Apartments.

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