Jeremiah Dixon exhibition and programme of events

Date Posted: 23/04/2013

On display from this Saturday (27th April) until 6th October, exhibition Jeremiah Dixon: Scientist, Surveyor and Stargazer will run at the Bowes Museum in County Durham.

Jeremiah Dixon, British surveyor and astronomer was brought up in County Durham but became best known for his work with Charles Mason in determining the Mason-Dixon Line between Pennsylvania and Maryland.

The project took a total of five years, much of which was spent hacking through virgin forest supported by, among others, a team of Native American Indians.

The exhibition marks the 250th anniversary of the Mason-Dixon Line and will include items such as model ships, surveying equipment and historic maps to celebrate the mapping of the famous border.

The Bowes Museum offers school groups a programme which enables teachers to combine an exploration of its collections with a practical workshop on site.

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Photo credit: Library of Congress.

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