Health and body-themed gallery opens at Eureka

Date Posted: 16/03/2013

Eureka! The National Children’s Museum in Halifax is set to open a new health and body-themed gallery on 29th March. All About Me has been developed with the support of a £1.45 million grant from the Wellcome Trust.

The gallery is described as an immersive educational experience that uses play, role playing and interactive displays to help children learn about their bodies and how to make positive choices that will help them look after themselves.

What can a school trip to the new gallery include?

All About Me features over 100 new interactive exhibits. These include ‘The Senses’ where you can peek inside a giant nose complete with giant snot tanks, follow friends with a giant eyeball and climb onto a giant tongue.

Other features include microscopes for zooming in on your skin, a skeleton that shows you how your bones move when you dance and ‘Health TV’ where children can take on the role of reporter. 

Eureka! is designed especially for school children aged up to 11, with over 400 hands-on exhibits inspiring them to learn about themselves and the world around them through imagination, play and discovery.

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