Haynes motor museum reopens

Date Posted: 18/03/2014

The improved and expanded Haynes International Motor Museum in Somerset will reopen on 16th April, with three new exhibition halls giving the attraction more space in which to showcase its huge collection of cars from around the world.

School groups visiting the revamped museum can expect to see brand new exhibits, including over 400 cars and motorcycles.

In addition to the exhibition halls; two further halls have been modernised with interactive displays and virtual reality interpretation.

Haynes Motorland Children’s adventure play zone, a suite of function rooms, a cafe and shop are all also part of the revamp.

The new exhibition halls

The additional exhibition halls comprise Minis and Micros, Century of Supercars, and the Motorcycle Mezzanine.

Each room is themed, from the American Room, Dawn of Motoring, Veteran, Vintage & Pre-War Classics, the famous Red Room, to some classic British family cars in ‘Memory Lane’, the British Motorcycle Collection and what’s reportedly one of the world’s largest collections of Speedway Motorbikes and memorabilia. 

Speaking about the new development, John H. Haynes OBE, chairman of Haynes International Motor Museum, commented: “I could never have dreamed when I started out that, nearly 30 years on, we would be in a position to unveil what I believe is one of the greatest motoring collections.”

For further school trip information visit www.haynesmotormuseum.com.

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